Jacqueline Clark,




Pennsylvania and the  Florida Suncoast Watercolor Societies and a Petticoat Painter.  She is an artist always in pursuit of the essence.  After a thorough grounding in sculpture and years of concentration on oil painting, she discovered the joyful spontaneity of watercolor and has focused her efforts in that medium ever since.  Her early recognition and awards came for her oils and sculpture.  Without the understanding of structure learned there, mastery of watercolor would still be before her.  Now, as her watercolor technique matures through practice, experimentation and instruction, her fascination with the medium and control  of the finished product becomes ever more sure.


She has studied with many of this country’s prominent watercolorists in workshops and symposia in the states, as well as abroad, to renew and recharge her commitment to a demanding medium.  Jacquie has taught watercolor and all media painting at Sarasota and Manatee Adult & Community Education for many years.  She shows her work at Art Uptown Gallery, 1367 Main St. Sarasota, FL



Anna Bier Art Scholarship

Graduated College of the Dayton Art Institute BFA (75)

Edison State College Women & the Arts (79)

Ohio Watercolor Society Exhibition (79,80)

Western Ohio Watercolor Society Exhibition, Honorable Mention (80)

FWS Exhibition, Honorable Mention (84)

FWS Signature (00,01,03,04,09,10,12)

Six Watercolorist from Florida, Nuance Gallery, Tampa. FL (94)

S.E. Invitational Miniature Show, Venice, FL (97)

PWS Exhibition (03), Signature (04)

10th Coastal National Exhibition, St. Simons, Is,GA,(96), Best of Show (02)

NWS, Signature & Traveling Exhibition (05)

Women Contemporary Artist, Selby Gallery, Sarasota, FL, 3rd Place (06)

Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibit, Golden CO, (06)

NWS, Watercolor Magic Award,& Traveling Exhibit (07)

FSWS, 2nd Place (08)

Art Guild of Fairfield Glade, TN Annual Show, 2nd in w/c (08),1st in w/c (09)

1st in m/m & w/c (10)

Missouri Watercolor Society, National (10)

PWS National Exhibit, Watercolor Magic Award (11)

Southern Colorado Watercolor National (12)

American Watercolor Society (13)

Tallahassee Watercolor Society Tri State Exhibit, Award of Excellence (13)

Southern Watercolor Society 37th Exhibit, Potomac Valley Watercolorist Award (14)

Numerous awards in local exhibits